Dr Rufus Helm

Rufus Helm originally trained as a doctor, specialising in obstetrics and gynaecology before making the transition to management consultancy. Starting his consultancy career with Arthur Andersen Consulting, he helped establish Andersen’s consultancy offering in healthcare before moving on to commercial roles with Serco and Circle Health. Here he concentrated on the design and implementation of new service models focusing on improving the management of long term conditions and, in particular, the interface between acute and community settings.

Rufus joined the British Medical Journal (BMJ) as their Head of Business Development in 2012 where he focused on how digital resources can drive clinical improvement in areas such as clinical decision support, shared decision making and the delivery of evidence based medicine. More recently, he helped Health Navigator implement its innovative tele-coaching model as their Chief Operating Officer / Chief Medical Officer and now provides freelance consultancy to healthcare organisations country-wide.