Election Process

Nominations and voting for Governors takes place during April to June 2019.  The process is managed by Electoral Reform Services (ERS), the independent scrutineer, who has many years’ experience of running elections.

Members who stand for election are required to submit an election statement which includes information about themselves and why they think they would be a good Governor, together with a declaration confirming any potential conflicts of interest.  This information will be sent to members from the relevant constituency together with the voting instructions.

Elections are by secret ballot and will only be held if there are more candidates than places available.

Election timetable

Wednesday 24 April 2019  Nomination forms are available
Monday 10 May 2019  Closing date for nomination forms to be returned
Friday 31 May 2019  Voting packs posted
Thursday 20 June 2019  Close of election – voting papers must be received
Friday 21 June 2019  Results of the election announced

Whether you decide to stand for election or not, please use your vote to make sure our elected Council has the best possible support from both public and staff members of the Trust.