Dr Emmanuel Jessa

Emmanuel Jessa is a Public Governor for Essex Mid and South.

I am a GP partner at Blandford Medical Centre and Clinical Director, Braintree Primary Care Network (PCN). I took some time off to work in Australia as a GP.

I bring my honest and hardworking approach to everything I do, and bring this attitude to my role as a Public Governor for EPUT. I work with the staff and Governors to help drive continued improvement in the care of service users.

My experience as a primary care physician in UK and abroad is ideal for improving care amongst the patient group. I listen impartially to concerns raised and present a balanced view of issues, thus maintaining an approachable stance. I am a vessel for process improvement aimed at allocating resources efficiently and make the processes work better. Additionally, as a clinical lead in a PCN, I am passionate about exploring ways that EPUT could work collaboratively with the various PCNs in Essex.