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John Jones

John Jones is a Public Governor for Milton Keynes, Bedfordshire, Luton and Rest of England.

I was privileged to represent South Essex Partnership Trust (SEPT) members from 2010 until the merger. My committee membership has been of Governance (Chair), Remuneration (Chair), and Nominations and Lead Governor for the past 5 years, when I was often required to chair meetings of the Council of Governors.

I attend most Board of Directors meetings, asking questions on your behalf and all Council of Governors and Committee meetings, even though these often take place in Essex, when I live in Bedford.

I continue to attend  stakeholders' and all Public Constituency meetings which  demonstrates my continuing commitment to enhancing the provision of mental health and community health services, recognising that mental health has long been the poor relation in the NHS.

In my other life I have recently retired as a magistrate (Adult/Youth Chairman and  Appraiser). I am also Chairman of the Valuation Tribunal for England, and Independent Member of the Standards Committee at Luton Council, and Independent Person to five other authorities and on Police Misconduct Panels throughout the East of England. The common theme in these appointments is independence, demonstrating that I speak my own mind and will not be influenced by any large organisation 'to turn native'.

I will continue my work in supporting the services provided to patients and carers in our area.

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