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Judith Woolley

Judith Woolley is a Public Governor for Essex Mid and South.

As a Pharmacist I specialised in mental Health and Learning Disabilities for the latter part of my career. I was previously an elected governor for the former North Essex Partnership Trust (NEP), so I am aware of the hard work that has gone into the transition to a single Essex-wide organisation, and I appreciate the continuity of service that was provided by the staff of both trusts.

The merger was only the beginning of a new way of service provision. As a governor I cannot be actively involved in the changes, but I hope that I can monitor, and ask questions when they arise.

There have been excellent examples of effective care and rehabilitation in both trusts. I hope these are not lost in the new structure and will be incorporated into the future service.

As your governor I will continue to listen and ask questions, so that I will be aware of the issues that concern you, the patients and carers and staff, and bring them to the attention of the Board members.

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