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Liz Rotherham

Liz Rotherham is a Public Governor for Essex Mid and South.

I am extremely passionate about Mental health, educating, helping and supporting people. I have volunteered for the EPUT for a number of years and am also a MIND Media volunteer. I truly believe that if we talk about our emotions and Mental wellbeing we can really make a difference. Being a governor can make a huge difference to the community and create a more positive attitude towards mental health. I am a wellbeing trainer along with mental health first aid instructor. These courses really help people to understand mental health, active listening, spotting signs and symptoms and potentially avoiding a crisis and mental health condition manifesting into something more.

I also am a Time to Change champion which is a social movement to reduce the stigma and discrimination we face in our world. I am over the moon to be elected as a governor for Essex Mid and South and will ensure that all ideas, views and opinions are shared to help make a difference.

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