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Michael Edward Waller

Michael Edward Waller is a Public Governor for West Essex and Hertfordshire.

"Having previously represented East Hertfordshire I was encouraged to stand for election as a Governor of the Trust. I believe that is important to present the views and needs of people in this community and see how they can fit in with the developing work of the Trust."

"Listening to and liaising with people at all levels has been prominent throughout my career. My professional and voluntary services background has included membership of committees and governing bodies in the mental health educational and fields as well as lay leadership at my local church. I have sat on appointment panels in all areas and have dealt with many confidential situations. Creativity in communication and presentation is a skill that I can offer if required."

"Having empathy with users of services and an experience of establishing new projects in the mental health field, recently being a Mind trustee gives me a wide knowledge of how everything should link together to provide the best possible response and information source for peoples wellbeing."

"I see the trust as central to this and being a governor gives me the opportunity to be part of a dedicated group of people able to plan and develop what the Trust can offer. I am able to give my time and a reliable commitment to attend meetings and represent at public engagement events."

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