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Nosi Murefu

Nosi Murefu is a Staff Governor, representing clinical members of staff.

I have worked for the NHS for the past 17 years as a Staff Nurse, Deputy Charge Nurse, Ward Manager and a Clinical Lead for Compliance. I currently work as an Integrated Clinical Lead (Matron) in Secure Services.

I enjoy being a nurse and giving advice to people regarding their health. This is in line with the advisory role of a Governor to advise the Board of Directors (by way of the Non-Executive Directors) on the views of staff to ensure the voice of staff members are heard. I was elected to the role of Staff Governor in 2019. It is role which I really adore and I would like to see more staff become Governors.

For me when the advert for staff clinical governors came up, there was no second thought about why I wanted to become a Governor. I wanted to be that link between staff and the Trust, as I always wondered how the views of the staff were heard or cascaded to the trust.

With the staff shortages on the wards, I always wondered how much the NEDs knew and whose responsibility it was to inform them and to address these staff shortages.  I wanted assurance that the Trust was doing everything it could to retain and recruit more staff. My motivation was: if I can’t do it, who else can?

I wanted to know what the  strategic direction of the organisation was and whether this was consistent with the needs of the staff that work for the organisation and wider community.

I thoroughly enjoy what I do:  supporting, advising, highlighting and escalating issues raised by staff. I like to hold people to account and being a clinical governor fulfils this very well.  As a staff governor I perform quality visits of services on a regular basis, talking to staff about issues in their area, something that I enjoy doing. I get to know the trust and talk to staff who do different roles and hear the challenges they face.  As a governor I indicate to staff what other support services there are within the trust, such as staff wellbeing services, Freedom to Speak Up and policies that some staff might not be familiar with.

I have the opportunity to meet NEDs and the executive team and raise issues and good practice where applicable. I enjoy knowing what is happening within the trust and cascade this to staff. I love helping people and being a governor gives me this opportunity. I appreciate the relationship I have with other governors which gives me the opportunity to hear what their own views about what is happening in the trust and together discuss how we can improve and support staff by discussing issues raised with NEDs.

I would describe myself as an enthusiastic worker, very motivated and driven by doing the right thing for staff and patients, so if that’s you, this is the opportunity to get your voice heard while helping staff at the same time.

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