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Owen Carty

Owen Carty is a Public Governor for Essex Mid and South.

Currently I have experience working in both accountancy and public policy. Working with various stakeholders on a national and local level to better improve outcomes and services across healthcare, education and financial services.

My recent experience as a Caseworker for a Member of Parliament means that in many instances I have seen both the best and the worst resident experiences of the Trust and I would love to use that knowledge to build on the care patients receive. In addition to this I am used to operating across Essex, often advising and helping coordinate policy across the City of Southend, Castle Point and Thurrock and already have partnerships with stakeholders in the Trust. I hope this would lead to informed accountability of the Trust and strong representation on behalf of patients and members of the public.

Every member of NHS staff deserves to be well represented on the Board of Governors outside of their designated representatives. I hope to lean on my experience launching successful community initiatives as the Treasurer/Trustee of four separate Essex based charities to encourage sound financial management and security for staff and the wider public in regards to their care.

I'd be an engaged professional in their twenties actively representing patients in South & Mid Essex. I hope to use this opportunity to hold the Trust to modern standards and defend the interests of local families.

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