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Stuart Scrivener

Stuart Scrivener is a Public Governor for Essex Mid and South.

Currently I sit on the membership committee and the nominations committee. I have chosen these two committees as I am keen to strengthen the link between the trust and its members and be part of the Non-Executive Directors recruitment process to ensure we have the highest level of questioning and scrutiny from a wide range of skill sets.

I regularly attend Board of Directors meetings, asking questions on behalf of members and always follow up to get the answers to be able to hold the board to account. By doing this it gives me the assurances required or a plan of action to know the trust is performing as it should do to provide the best care.

I have completed several PLACE visits in order to inspect the quality of the environments our patients. Despite having to do most things virtually I was keen to get out and about to see different areas of the trust and services to see first-hand how things are for the people who use them.

Ultimately, I would like to continue the good work to make changes for all, patients &staff.

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