Andrew Hensman

Having been a Governor for Braintree up until the creation of EPUT, I intend to promote mental health and wellbeing. I will campaign for access to good quality services, maximising on the increased opportunities that have become available through being a larger organisation. Being an elected Councillor on the District Council, I am well used to representing people’s views and helping to resolve issues. I use every opportunity to keep mental health at the top of the agenda. I am a Trustee of two charities which support mental health groups and their carers; I volunteer for another national charity, giving it a local presence and I am a Healthwatch ambassador. I also assist the County Council in shaping services to be commissioned. I have diverse connections across a wide range of organisations, which enable me to ensure that the mental health agenda is recognised, given the time it deserves and gets properly resourced. As a Governor, it gives me the correct knowledge to impart to others, whilst standing up for you, our members.