Bob Calver


I stood for election as a Governor because I know from my own experience that such commonplace problems as Anxiety and Depression affect not only the individual but their families. In many such cases simple treatment can vastly improve the quality of life of everyone concerned. But still people do not know how to recognise symptoms and get the help they need. As a Governor I can take EPUT’s message to the broader community and put people in touch with the expert help they need. The term ‘Mental Health’ conjures up many different images, but there are lots people with simple, easily treatable conditions that the Trust can help. I want those people to know what we can offer and I want to be the link to my local community.


As a Governor of EPUT I am now on the Governance Committee where I hope my experience of public sector value for money studies and internal audit will allow me to contribute to EPUt’s commitment of maximum resources to front line patient care.  I am now retired so I can commit to the time needed to serve as a Governor, and having worked with other NHS Trusts I understand how the NHS needs to respond to change and how the needs of patients must always come first.