Shurleea Harding

I have spent a lifetime fighting for the rights of patients, particularly around mental health. I was a trained nurse in both mental and general nursing and have battled with the injustice at the way patients were treated.

I visit schools and colleges to talk to kids about mental health, to foster a positive attitude, I help with the teaching of student nurses to ensure they will deliver the kind of care that is needed to empower patients to take back control of their lives. I run the local Time to Change group and sit on a number of committees to ensure we have a real voice.

I have devoted my life to improve the lives of others, to ensure we are all treated as equals in what is an unfair society. No barrier is too high to climb, no road too long to walk, no challenge to great to overcome, we can and will succeed.

I am very passionate about mental health, I want every patient to stand tall and proud, with their head high, as an equal alongside their fellow man. Whatever it takes, however long it takes, I will never give up.