Sam Rakusen

I am retired after a lifetime of working in large organisations and government ministries. For the last ten years it was my responsibility to create a resource funded by the DforBERR to develop Key Performance Indicators for the built environment – to compare government projects with the private sector. These KPIs are now used throughout the construction industry to measure Best Practice. This has increased training, working relationships, quality, efficiency and reduced accidents plus more construction is completed on time.

Surveys show the NHS’s main concern is staff morale, ahead of waiting times or patient experience. High rates of mental illness, emigration, whistleblowing, suspensions, referrals to the regulator, and complaints all point to a system in serious trouble.

With unprecedented pressures, and a crisis in recruitment and retention the pressures are spreading to other parts. It’s difficult to discharge patients because support services in the community are not available. Waits for diagnostic tests are lengthening. The cuts to social care are devastating the lives of people and also having a knock-on effect within the NHS. Rising costs of services, energy and supplies plus higher numbers of people to cater for – create huge challenges. Also lifestyle is having an impact on health. Education to prevent illness is a major need.

Not until there is change in relationships, top down, that the problems can be addressed. I have the experience and relationship skills to work with Governors and the wider NHS community to fulfil Best Practice and ideals the NHS must achieve.