Alex Zihute

I wanted to become a Governor  to help in improving the services provided for people with mental health illness.

I have lived in Bedfordshire for over ten years, during that time I worked as Volunteer for over three years in SEPT NHS Luton dealing with service users recovering from mental health illness.Patients had experienced moderate to severe mental illness. My team provided specialist assessment, advice, therapeutic exercises to break isolation all this helped clients to select coping techniques to get better from their illness.

Through my observations service users should be helped to become fully functioning persons who perceives realistically at the same time accepting responsibilities for their own behaviours and accepting others as different from themselves.

People working with clients should always learn and communicate respect, sensitivity and understand client’s differences in culture, values, beliefs and attitudes. More research work in diversity covering Milton Keynes, Bedfordshire and Luton would go a long way to help people with mental illness and those who provide services.