Clive H Travis

I was a SEPT governor from 2010, attending hundreds of events as a public governor for Bedford. Since election and with the merger of SEPT with NEPT to form EPUT the centre of gravity of the foundation trust has moved away from Bedford somewhat. I decided therefore that as Bedford is very often side-lined it was even more important than ever for me to become a governor of EPUT, partly being as I am a service user myself and I feel it important that statutory governor duties are carried out with service user oversight.

I am happy to continue to represent all our constituency’s service users and members on the council of governors in particular at the Robin Pinto Unit where I was a patient, the Woodlea Clinic and of course all our community service users.

I am well known at a national level, for example because I was awarded the Deputy Prime Minister Mental Health Hero Award for the east of England in 2015, have over 1100 engagements under my belt as an professional expert patient and am unfazed by the duties that come with the post, one of which is to tell it how it is for the service user even when this is uncomfortable to hear for the board of directors and the “snowy white peaks” of the NHS which often leave minority communities unrepresented.

I am with those communities.