Hasan Kayani

I am passionate about our NHS, which is truly the envy of the world. In order to maintain this enviable position, the elected Governors must continually seek ways to ensure that the Trust’s modernisation is true to the NHS constitution.

I am a Lutonian and consider it to be an honour and a privilege to serve my community.

I am fluent in several languages and can therefore seriously engage with diverse group of stakeholders in the community to ensure that their concerns are effectively conveyed to the Trust.

As a Governor of EPUT I will try to pursue a balanced approach that will advocate equality, transparency and challenge any discrimination within the Trust. I am very proactive and not hesitate to challenge the status quo. I will seek ways to minimise bureaucracy and focus on better collaboration between all the stakeholders.

I can help to interpret statistics, conduct critical analysis and articulate complex information in simple terms. In that way, support the Trust to formulate and implement strategies that are both effective and efficient.

I understand the difficulties and constraints under which the Trust operates. As a young person, I promise to bring a fresh outlook to the trust and thereby provide a momentum for continued search for solutions for an excellent healthcare system. As your Govnerr I  will support good governance and sustainable development at Essex Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust