Brian Arney

Having been a Public Governor for SEPT since 2011 I have gained considerable experience and knowledge in fulfilling the Governors role. I was elected as SEPT Governor Coordinator for Essex in 2013 and Deputy Lead Governor in 2015 and remained a Governor until the merger with NEP to form Essex Partnership University Trust (EPUT).

Having now been elected as a Public Governor for West Essex & Hertfordshire and subsequently Deputy Lead Governor I will continue to use my experience to support both the development of EPUT’s services and the interests of members and patients.

As a SEPT Governor in addition to attending the routine Council of Governors meeting I regularly attended the Board of Directors monthly meeting and will continue to do so. This is where the Trusts business is discussed and Governors have the opportunity to ask questions, I will also continue to attend Director-led briefing sessions. 


My previous business experience covers many years in senior management positions as well as a number of years as a College Governor in both Further & Higher Education. I have lived in High Roding (West Essex) for 17 years and serve as a member of the Parish Council.