Pippa Ecclestone

I have lived in Essex for the past 46 years. My working experience has been in nursing, primary education and as a magistrate. I was a public governor for the North Essex Partnership FT (NEP) representing the membership of Uttlesford & West Essex for the past 8 years. I have also been a member of the panel which hears appeals against detention under the Mental Health Act for 6 years.

I am committed to the principles behind foundation trusts; that people using an NHS service can feed back their experience to the service providers. As governors we represent these views to the Board of Directors and hold them to account for the service provided.

Governors need to find better ways to access the views of service users.  I continue to have a monthly Health & Support information table in my local library and attend meetings of the West Essex Mental Health Forum & WECCG Board. All these have helped to increase my opportunities to access, listen to, inform, and try to help the public.

 My special interest is in Mental Health services; to promote parity of esteem with physical health services, to raise public awareness of mental health issues and to reduce the associated stigma.

Governors have a responsibility to ensure that we have the best and most effective service possible within the financial constraints of the NHS budget. I shall endeavour to fulfil this responsibility.