Gail Gibbs – Clinical

I have worked as a nurse in the NHS for 37 years over a range of specialities, including learning disabilities and mental health.

I feel very strongly about the importance of delivering an excellent person centred service for the clients, while supporting and training the staff to deliver this service.

I am aware of the many difficulties faced by the trust and its staff while striving to offer this service in this time of change and uncertainty.

I currently work as part of the Eating Disorder service, previously having worked as a CPN, and prior to that, Day Services and the acute wards. I have worked across the Trust and have a good understanding of many of the locality issues facing staff, clients and management.

I have a Diploma in Management Studies and a degree in CBT, and see training both clinical and management as critical for staff to rise to the challenge of constant change and increasing expectation.

I enjoy being part of the changing landscape of the NHS and view EPUT as a positive opportunity to create a better more coherent service for staff to work in, and clients to be treated and supported in.

I intend to play my part in the developing service, continuing the dedicated work that is provided by the Trust. I see being a Staff Governor as a contribution to this process, by sharing my knowledge of staff issues and challenges.