What do Governors do?

As a foundation trust, EPUT is held accountable by the local community. Our governors are chosen by members of the Trust, stakeholders, and EPUT staff. Governors appoint the Trust Chair and the Non-Executive Directors, and hold them accountable for the Board’s actions.

The EPUT Council of Governors acts as a link between our members and the Board of Directors. Together, the Board and the Council drive the Trust, ensuring we provide quality services and the highest standards of care.

Governors have no operational influence, but advise the Board on public opinion and act as guardians of public interest. They develop links between EPUT and the local community. This ensures we remain rooted in, and responsive to, our community’s needs.

Who can become a governor?

You must be a member of EPUT to become a governor. Membership is free, and you can apply by contacting the Trust Secretary’s Office on 0800 023 2059 or emailing epunft.membership@nhs.net. You must also be aged 16 or over at the time of nomination.

What skills do I need?

We aim to have governors who are representative of all walks of life. You don’t need special skills to become an effective governor.

You do need to be passionate about the NHS, care about your local services. You must want to represent the views of local people in your community and most importantly, you must have the time to do so. We will provide training and support to help successful candidates carry out their role.