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EPUT Green Plan

Our first Green Plan sets out clear targets for measuring success towards achieving a net-zero carbon future for the Trust. It also presents a comprehensive overview of change needed for EPUT to become more sustainable, and offers an overview of current resource use across the Trust.

This plan covers the period from 2021-2026 and:

  • Sets out the national and local context of sustainability within the healthcare sector;
  • Presents a comprehensive overview of the drivers for the NHS and our Trust in becoming more sustainable;
  • Provides an overview of current resource use by the Trust;
  • Estimates the Trust’s current carbon footprint and sets a target for reduction;
  • Presents the outputs of the Sustainable development assessment using the Sustainable development assessment tool;
  • Reflects on progress to date and sets out actions to improve sustainability of the Trust;

Progress towards implementing the Green Plan will be reported on annually and, in alignment with NHS guidance, undergo a mid-term review in 2023/24.

It will be updated in 2026 to set an new plan for the following 5 years.

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