About us

EPUT’s values are open, compassionate and empowering and our research is both supportive of and driven by these principles.

At EPUT we conduct research to the highest standards of care and excellence. Informed by the views and priorities of our patients, their carers and our clinical colleagues, the trust has a number of studies open at any one time and supports commercial, non-commercial and academic clinical trials in mental health, neurodegeneration, dementia, learning disability services and community health services. Our aim for the future is to also develop and support Trust grown research.

The research & innovation department is based at Hawthorn Lodge, St. Margaret’s Hospital, Epping, however, the research delivery team travel across the entire Trust. We can conduct our study activities in a variety of locations, including trust sites and patient’s homes, depending upon the requirements of the research and the participant’s preference.

We deal with all aspects of R&I including NHS permissions, setting up studies, grant applications and offering support and guidance on specific studies that sit on the NIHR portfolio.

The below table defines research and highlights the variations between different types of studies. If you would like to find out more about us and how we facilitate these types of studies at EPUT, please Contact The Team