Patient Research Experience

To ensure that patients have the best possible experience when taking part in research studies, the NIHR, Local Clinical Research Networks (LCRN’s) and Partner Organisations, have developed a set of questions to help us understand and evaluate participant experiences. The Patient Research Experience Survey (PRES) provides us with valuable feedback that enables research organisations to adapt their practices and introduce change to guarantee participants of research have positive experiences and supportive working relationships with research staff.

EPUT Patient Experience Survey Results 

83% of Patients said their experience of taking part in research was good
85% of patients said they were given all the information they needed in relation to the study they took part in.
78% of patients said they knew who to contact if they had a question or concern about the study
91% of patients said they would take part in research again in the future

If you have taken part in Research at EPUT in 2019, we want to hear from you. Please visit and complete this year’s patient research experience survey.