Suffolk & North East Essex

The NHS and social care have developed a large part of the plans based on what people have already shared, and accept that things have to be different to support a dwindling workforce, patients with more long term conditions and boost quality of services.

The plan is known as a sustainability and transformation plan (STP) and involves some 26 organisations in east and west Suffolk and north east Essex, including ambulance, hospitals, community services and social care.

Nick Hulme, who is leading the Suffolk and North East Essex Sustainability and Transformation Plan said: “We are changing the way we work across health, social care and all public services so that we can make sure that by 2021 the one million people who live in this area will have healthier, happier lives and are better supported to look after their own wellbeing.

“The ambitious parts of our plans are to replace competition with collaboration, look at improving care and quality at a broader scale, boosting the workforce and doing all of this quickly. If we can work together to do things like raising education levels and improving information to support people to look after themselves that will set families across north east Essex and east and west Suffolk on the road to a better future,” he added.

You can find out all about your local STP on this website.