Occupational Health

Occupational Health is a field of medicine concerned with the interface between work and health. There are many services available to employees.


Prior to employment, your fitness and medical suitability will be assessed in accordance with the requirements of your proposed job. The assessment process includes completing a Pre-Employment Health Questionnaire, and a face-to-face health interview for specific candidates may be required in certain circumstances.

Health Promotion

We all know that prevention is better than cure, so the Occupational Health Service encourage healthy lifestyle options through various promotional events, such as health fairs, awareness days and induction days.

Maintenance of Medical Records

Employees have an Occupational Health medical report maintained by the Occupational Health Service throughout their employment, starting from pre-employment and continuing as a personal and confidential health at work history. Access to these records is restricted to the Occupational Health Service staff and in line with the Data Protection Act. Prior to seeking a medical report, we will obtain your written consent.

Health Education and Screening

We pay special attention to the prevention of health risks for particular workers in the organisation, for example those who work with certain chemicals and substances. We look for early signs and symptoms of disease and will, if necessary, communicate with your GP with your consent.