EPUT psychiatrist highlights how hip-hop can tackle mental health stigma in leading medical journal

December 10, 2020

An EPUT consultant has highlighted how hip-hop music can be a powerful tool for tackling stigma around mental health in a leading medical journal. ​

In the article published in the British Medical Journal today (10 December), Akeem Sule, consultant psychiatrist and co-founder of the mental health awarness initiative Hip Hop Psych says: ‘Hip-hop is one of the world’s most popular music genres, with its global prominence transcending language and geography.

“More than ever before, hip-hop artists are publicly acknowledging their mental health struggles, promoting anti-stigma campaigns around mental health, and normalising seeking treatment for mental health issues.”

Mr Sule considers peoples interests such as music and films during treatment and, if a patient is willing to discuss more in depth, explores themes in the arts which relate to their condition. He plans  to take this idea further, looking at working with disadvantaged youth.

Read Akeem’s article in full on the British Medical Journal website. ​​