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Recovering at home after Coronavirus: taking care of your mental health

When recovering from a serious illness such as COVID-19 you may experience physical and psychological challenges.

These can include fatigue, anxiety, depression, and trauma responses, changes in the ability to think clearly and concentrate, as well as the impact
upon relationships with partners and others with whom you may live.

Our psychologists have developed a support booklet with suggested strategies to help you cope with the challenges you may face. You can read the booklet in full or dip into the sections you find most helpful.

The booklet offers nine strategies to help you through your recovery:

  • making space for your experience
  • tracking how you are feeling
  • setting SMART goals
  • returning to the here and now through grounding
  • trying some calming breathing techniques
  • being kind to yourself
  • practicing mindfulness – giving full attention to the present moment
  • resting your mind and body through guided meditation
  • learning ways to help you sleep better

The NHS also has an online rehab service providing support for you, your family and friends visit Your Covid Recovery.

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