Ask 3 Questions

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Ask 3 Questions is helping patients become involved in healthcare decisions

Sometimes there will be choices to make about your healthcare. For example:

  • you may be asked to decide whether or not you want to have treatment
  • you may be asked to choose between different types of treatment
  • or you may be asked if you want to continue with the same treatment

What you choose to do should depend on what is important to you.

If you are asked to make a choice, you and your family or carers will probably have lots of questions that you want to ask. It can help to write a list of the questions you want answered and take it to your appointment.

3 Questions

To begin with, try to make sure you get the answers to 3 key questions if you are asked to make a choice:

  • What are my options?
  • What are the possible benefits and risks?
  • How likely are the benefits and risks of each option to occur?

You may be asked to complete a brief questionnaire after your appointment to monitor how our staff are helping you to make decisions about your healthcare. Please take a moment to answer it.