Members Meetings

Your Voice Meetings

Details of these meeting can be found on our Your Voice Meetings page.

Annual Member Meetings (AMM)

These are held in either September or October of each year.

Previous AMM’s

AMM 2018

The first EPUT AMM was held on 17 October 2018.

AMM 2019

The 2019 meeting was held on 16 October at the Hampton Sports and Leisure Club in Chelmsford which was a successful event looking back at another year of achievement.

Sally Morris our CEO said ‘ I enjoyed the opportunity to reflect on our achievements during the past 12 months, and to hear from my fellow executives and some of our partners about different aspects of our work.We have come a long way since our formation in April 2017, and I could not be prouder of all of the hard work.There is certainly no room for complacency and we have a lot of work to do if we are to achieve our ultimate goal: recognition for delivering truly outstanding services across the board.I know we can get there – and I’m looking forward to the year ahead.’

AMM 2020

Our Annual Members Meeting (AMM) this year will be a little bit different! Due to Social distancing measures we are unable to meet with you all in person, we are therefore meeting virtually on Wednesday 23 September 2020 10:00-11:30.

We will still present the Trust’s annual report and accounts for 2019/20 and also a review of how the Trust has performed over the last financial year. Your local Governors will also be joining the session.

You can access a copy of the Trust’s annual report and accounts for 2019/20 here paper copies are available via our Membership Team; you can email them using the details below.

If you would like to join the live event or have any questions please contact the Trust Secretary office at