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I Want Great Care

EPUT is always keen to get feedback on the services it provides. Good or Bad.

We use iWantGreatCare, a health reviews website, to collect feedback on what patients think, monitor it and action where possible.

What is iWantGreatCare?

iWantGreatCare is an independent secure service, trusted by patients, doctors and hospitals. They encourage patients to leave meaningful feedback on their care, say thank you and help the next patient by improving experiences.

Available for the majority of services across our Trust; your feedback is totally confidential, and collected and processed by iWantGreatCare, an independent organisation.

How can I give feedback?

There are a number of ways you can leave feedback withQR code iWantGreatCare patient feedback survey iWantGreatCare: you can scan the QR code displayed on posters, leaflets and business cards, to direct you to an online survey. Or request a paper form from our services or the patient experience team if you would prefer to complete a paper form.  Alternatively you can use the app during your care or visit the iWantGreatCare website:

For more information please contact the Patient Experience and Volunteers team

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