Staff Recognition Awards guide and rules

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EPUT Staff Recognition Awards guide and rules

  1. There are five award categories:

  • Hero Award – Beyond the Call of Duty
  • Peer to Peer Recognition Award
  • Team Recognition Award
  • Leadership Award
  • Research, Innovation and Improvement Award
  1. Nominations can be submitted online, via paper form or via video. Links below.

  2. Any nominations received via paper or video will be uploaded by the Staff Engagement Team to the online nomination system. This is to make sure that all nominations are held in the same place and can be analysed as necessary. Paper nominations and video entries will be scanned and saved onto EPUT secure folders and password protected. Original copies will be securely destroyed in line with EPUT data protection policies and procedures.

  3. At the point of submitting a nomination, the member of staff you are nominating must still be in employment with EPUT.

  4. Nominations will remain open throughout the year. Any nominations received after the current judging process will be entered and judged in the next window.

    The nomination windows are as follows;

    • 1 April – 1 June (window closes for winners to be announced by 30 June).
    • 1 July – 1 September (window closes for winners to be announced by 30th September)).
    • 1 October – 1 December (window closes for winners to be announced by the 30th December).
    • 1 January – 1 March (window closes for winners to be announced by the 30th March).
  5. Nominations will be downloaded from the online nomination system once a window closes. Nominations will be saved on EPUT shared drives and will be password protected in line with GDPR guidelines.

  6. All successful nominees will be asked whether they are happy for their name to be published as part of EPUT’s promotions.

  7. All nominees will undergo checks to ensure they are not subject to any open disciplinary proceedings and that their mandatory training checks are up to date. If the checks cannot be satisfied the nomination cannot be processed.

  8. A manager/department head will be asked to lead on each nomination in the team category. They will be responsible for representing the department and they will undergo the necessary compliance checks. If they win the award they must accept the award on behalf of the team, not personally and are expected to use the prize fund for the benefit of the team (e.g. towards a team event, piece of equipment for the staff room, Treat day of cakes/pizzas etc.)

  9. Nominations for an individual or team can only be put forward to the judging panel once. If the nominated staff member does not win in a specific category then they cannot be nominated for exactly the same reason and category again for the yearly awards cycle. However they can be re-nominated for a different category, by a different person or under the same category but for a different reason. This will be checked each time by the Staff Engagement Team.

  10. The scheme is based on the impact an employee/Team has had on another person and on that basis one cannot nominate themselves.

  11. Names of nominees will be removed by the Staff Engagement Team from each nomination form before being sent to the judging panel to ensure there is no conflict of interest.

  12. The Judging panel consists of the following:

    • A representative from the Patient Experience Team
    • A representative from the Staff Engagement Team
    • A representative from one of the Equality Networks (this will rotate each window across all of the networks)
    • A representative from the Trust Secretary’s office
    • If available a previous award winner
  13. If any nominations put forward to the judging panel work in the same team as one of the judges – then an independent judge will be asked to replace the judge from the team that is nominated to ensure there is no conflict of interest.  This will be a senior manager from the organisation – Band 7 or above who has volunteered to take part.

  14. Each judge will use a formulated Excel spreadsheet to record their nomination scores against a series of questions. Each question can be scored a maximum of 30 points and a minimum of zero.

  15. All of the judge’s spreadsheets will be sent to the Staff Engagement Team to calculate who the winner of each category is by adding up the total scores from each judge.

  16. In the event of two nominations being given the same total score by the judging panel an independent judge will be asked to read both nominations and decide who the winner is. This judge will be from the senior leadership team.

  17. A winner from each of the 5 categories will be contacted by the Staff Engagement Team to advise them that they have won an award.

  18. Each individual award winner will receive a certificate of achievement and a £50 voucher. The Team that wins the Team Recognition Award category will receive a £150 voucher to share amongst the team. The manager or team representative of that team will be responsible for the voucher and advised that they must discuss with the entire team how the voucher should be spent and a team decision must be made and agreed. The manager or team representative has overall responsibility.

  19. Trust employees that leave or retire from the Trust during a judging window will still have their nomination processed and will follow the same rules as staff who are still in employment with EPUT. The Staff Engagement Team will do their best to make contact with the individual using the details provided on ESR. It is noted that compliance/training checks will not be completed as the staff member no longer works for the Trust. If a leaver/retiree wins an award they will be entitled to the voucher prize as normal. Please note this is not valid for the team award category and only individual awards.

  20. Nominees will be asked by the Staff Engagement Team whether they are happy to have their name published as part of the awards communications/celebrations that will be published internally and externally including on our EPUT social media channels. Nominees will need to give written/emailed consent.

  21. Any data collected will be stored securely and not used or shared with any third party, or for any other purpose, in line with GDPR guidelines. We are collecting contact details for the purpose of reaching people who place a nomination and should we need further details to support a nomination. If you would like further information regarding this, please contact the Staff Engagement Team on 01268 739711 or EPUT’s Information Governance Manager on 01268407737 Ext 7737.

  22. Each category winner (20 across the year) will be put forward for a chance to win the new ‘Staff Recognition of the Year Award’. Each nomination form will be judged by The Trusts Chief Executive and the winner will be announced at the yearly Quality Awards presentation.

Nomination Links

Online nomination form:
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