Service changes

Since March 2020 we have made some changes to how we provide community health services in south east Essex. This is in line with national guidance to prioritise particular services while the NHS responds to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The status of each of our south east Essex community health services as of January 2021 is listed below. This will be reviewed and updated regularly.

Increased services to enable and support people to be discharged from hospital and cared for at home. Face to face service delivered where no other option is possible. Patient and carer education in place to support capacity. Care plans reviewed for essential care. Virtual support via telephone and digital consultations. Escalation routes established and access to volunteers established Essex Welfare Service. New referrals are being accepted subject to meeting service criteria.
Patients risk assessed in line with individual clinical need/dependency and prioritised accordingly. Face to face contacts minimised – virtual consultations carried out where possible. Keeping in touch plans in place for appropriate patients. Escalation routes communicated clearly. Welfare reviews and volunteer support made available. New referrals are being accepted subject to meeting service criteria.
Patients waiting are being periodically reviewed and advised that the service is currently unable to offer further support at this time. Referrals are currently not being accepted as unknown when service will be able to restart.
Service Status

Adult Continence Advisory Service Reduced service
Adult Diabetes Full/increased service
Adult Speech & Language Therapy Full/increased service
Care Coordination Reduced service
Care Home Education Reduced service
Collaborative Care Full/increased service
Community OT Reduced service
Complex Intervention Service Full/increased service
Cumberlege Intermediate Care Centre (CICC) Full/increased service
Essex Sexual Health Services Full/increased service
Family Nurse Partnership Full/increased service
Heart Failure Full/increased service
Home Oxygen Full/increased service
Immunisation Essex Reduced service
Integrated Discharge Team Full/increased service
Integrated Teams – Community Nursing – Adults Reduced service
Mountnessing Court (MNC) Service is currently being delivered from Brentwood Community Hospital
Paediatric Asthma and Allergy Full/increased service
Paediatric Community Nursing Full/increased service
Paediatric Continence Full/increased service
Paediatric Diabetes Service Full/increased service
Paediatric Speech and Language Therapy Full/increased service
Palliative Care Full/increased service
Podiatric Day Surgery x 4 Reduced service
Podiatry Service Reduced service – normal for high risk
Respiratory (COPD) Full/increased service
Sepsis Full/increased service
Single Point of Access Full/increased service
Specialist Paediatric Roles Full/increased service
Specialist School Nursing Full/increased service
Spirometry Suspended
Stroke Full/increased service
Stroke – Early Supported Discharge Service Full/increased service
SWIFT Full/increased service
TB Full/increased service
Wheelchair Service Reduced service
Wound Care (Leg Ulcer & TV) Full/increased service