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EPUT staff strengthening partnerships and knowledge exchange in Zimbabwe

Two of our trained nurses have shared their knowledge, skills and expertise with mental health professionals in Zimbabwe.

Lucia Vambe and Dr Fiona Nolan joined other NHS and healthcare professionals from the Zimbabwe Life Project (ZLP) for the voluntary week-long trip to Harare last month where they shared learning with colleagues working in mental health care.

Zimbabwe-born Lucia is a Practice Development Lead Nurse and founded ZLP in 2018.

Dr Nolan is a Clinical Professor of Mental Health Nursing at Anglia Ruskin University, has an honorary appointment with EPUT, and is chair of the ZLP Board of Trustees.

Lucia said: “I am so passionate about this project and really love to go back to my home country and share my knowledge and skills and describe how we do things here in the UK.

“The trip was very successful, and it was great to share learning with mental health professionals in Zimbabwe.  As always, the delegates were very receptive and welcoming of us, and the support from the health leaders and other stakeholders there was warm and encouraging.”

During the visit Lucia and Dr Nolan attended workshops, service visits and had a meeting with the British Embassy in Harare, the Ministry of Health and Child Care, the National Prison Healthcare Commissioners, International Organisation of Migration, and local universities.

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