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Rainbow Unit's bariatric bedroom is one of the first of its kind

A new bedroom for bariatric patients at Essex Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust (EPUT) is one of the first of its kind across England and Wales.

The Rainbow Mother and Baby Unit at the Linden Centre, Chelmsford, is one of the only perinatal mental health wards to provide the facility for women with a high body mass index.

We took action to extend and re-design the original four-bedroom unit to create the additional bedroom after struggling to find appropriate care for a bariatric patient and her child nationally.

The new room has been designed with patient safety and comfort in mind and has a specially adapted bed, chair, and private shower and toilet facilities.

Rainbow Mother and Baby Unit provides specialist mental health care and treatment for women during the late stages of pregnancy and up to one year after the birth of their baby. The ward provides mental health care while helping mums to develop nurturing relationships with their child and supporting families involved in both the mother’s and baby’s care.

We also provide a community perinatal mental health service for women who are experiencing, or are likely to experience, mental health difficulties. The service supports them during pregnancy and up to their child’s first birthday.

Paul Scott, Chief Executive of EPUT, said: “I am really proud that EPUT is leading the way in providing specialist perinatal mental health care for bariatric patients.

“Having a baby can be a time of great pressure on a woman’s mental health. The new room will enable a woman in need to receive the care she needs prior to giving birth or while caring for her baby on the unit with the support of our staff.”

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