Cancer and Palliative Care Psychology Service – Luton & Bedfordshire

The EPUT team provides psychological support to patients and carers in Bedfordshire, Luton with emotional and psychological issues related to a Cancer diagnosis and its treatments.

As part of the EPUT Clinical Health Psychology Services, the Service provides a full time Macmillan Consultant Clinical Psychologist, a full time MacMillan Clinical Psychologist, a full time Macmillan Specialist Family Psychotherapist, and a half time MacMillan Specialist Psychotherapist.

Talking with a Clinical Psychologist or a Family Psychotherapist can help individual’s families and couples find different ways of coping or help them to think about problems in a more helpful way.

Individuals can talk about things they might find difficult discussing with family and friends, and find it useful to be able to show feelings such as anger, upset and guilt. Couples and families can talk about difficult issues that are impacting on them.

There are practical ways of dealing with anxiety and mood difficulties and we help you learn about and use these.


The Clinical Psychologist or Family Psychotherapist will work with you on the issues you wish to tackle, they will not tell you what to think, they will work with you to identify goals and agree goals. Sessions are weekly or two weekly, however it is flexible around any other Oncology appointments and treatment.

Sessions usually last one hour; the number of sessions will be agreed between you the Clinical Psychologist or Family Psychotherapist. Some people require only a couple of sessions others may require more.

The Clinical Psychologist or Family Therapist may work with you to:

  • Help identify your strengths to deal with current difficulties
  • Spot unhelpful patterns of behaviour in yourself and in your relationships with others and learn skills to address these.
  • Help to recognise upsetting thoughts that may be affecting your life
  • Use relaxation and breathing techniques to reduce anxiety
  • Explore problem solving strategies’ and other ways of coping
  • Help with difficult relationship issues that are related to your diagnosis and treatment

Where Service is Based

The Disability Resource Centre
Poynters House Poynters Road

Tel: 01582 709085

Hours of Operation

The Service operates Monday to Friday 09:00 – 17:00

How to Contact Service

General Enquiries – Tel: 01582 709085