Centre For All Families Positive Health

The EPUT team provides psychological support to patients living with HIV (PLWHIV).

People living with HIV (PLWHIV) are often affected by a range of complex issues, including mental health, social care, immigration, finances, relationship, and family issues. A diagnosis of HIV is known to additionally bring stigmatisation and social isolation, and can make people feel wary of accessing mental and physical healthcare for fear of other people’s reactions to the diagnosis.

The Centre For All Families Positive Health (CAFPH) is a charity that is dedicated to making a positive difference by supporting people living with HIV/AIDS in Luton, Bedfordshire and the surrounding areas. CAFPH offer a youth service, peer support and massage therapy.

Psychology in CAFPH may be helpful for people who are:

  • Struggling to cope with an HIV diagnosis (including new diagnosis)
  • Wondering how to disclose your HIV diagnosis
  • Having difficulty sleeping
  • Feeling low and unhappy
  • Struggling to manage your pain
  • Negotiating relationships
  • Finding it hard to talk to others
  • Having sexual difficulties
  • Putting yourself at risk
  • Coping with loss or trauma
  • Having difficulties as a couple/family
  • Making decisions about your health and starting treatment


We try to explore all areas of a person’s life with them so that we build up a picture of the person & how they work. We like to see partners or other family members as well, where it would be useful. Wellbeing is a priority. We try to address any symptoms of illness, as well as behaviours, emotions, thoughts & relationship difficulties that could undermine the success of treatment. More importantly, we can provide the space to talk about things that are confusing and worrying. Our aim is to increase peoples understanding of their difficulties, so that they can gain confidence and create different ways of coping well.

Individuals will be offered an assessment to begin with. This meeting is an opportunity to get to know the Psychologist, to discuss the problems that service users would like help with and to see if they would like to meet again. They will be given the opportunity to talk about their difficulties. The Psychologist will also work with them to identify a set of recommendations and future goals.

During therapy, Psychologists usually see people for 40-60 minutes per meeting. This could be on a weekly or fortnightly basis, but this may vary. The meetings extend over weeks or months rather than years. Therapy depends on creating a working relationship between patients and their therapist, helping them to understand and work on problems which are making life difficult for them as individuals or families.

Where Service is Based

Centre For All Families Positive Health 11-15 Park Street West Luton LU1 3BE

Hours of Operation

The Service operates Monday to Friday The office can be contacted: 09:00 – 17:00

How to Contact Service

Tel: 01582 726061 Tel: 01582 726 063

Email: info@cafph.org