Family Food First

Working with education settings to inspire children and families to lead a healthier lifestyle

Who are we?

We are a team of dietitians, nutritionists and health professionals who are passionate about healthy eating and promoting healthy lifestyles to children and families.

What do we do?

The Family Food First programme runs in nurseries, pre-schools and children’s centres in Luton. We aim to encourage best practice, and the promotion of good nutrition, oral health and physical activity. Early year’s settings achieve accreditation on the programme by providing good quality evidence that they are meeting the standards of best practice in the following areas;

Healthy Policy and Practice
All settings will have a food and health policy in place and will adopt practices that encourage children to eat well and move more.

Food and Health Education
Setting staff will have the appropriate level of knowledge and skills to promote healthy eating, physical activity and good oral health practice. Children will be able to learn about food, will be encouraged to eat healthier foods and will learn about keeping healthy.

Food Provision
Settings that have their own kitchens will provide food that meets national food based standards. They will also be able to achieve higher standards of practice through the Family Food First catering award.

Working with Families
Parents and carers will be supported to help make healthier choices for their children and families. Family Food First accredited settings will be a source of good quality, healthy lifestyle information and advice.

Healthier Communities
Settings will have a responsibility to promote healthier lifestyles in their community and will undertake activities to promote this.



Over the winter months, the family food first team were involved in training many settings on nutrition and physical activity. As well as this, parents and early year’s staff received starting solids training.

We had the pleasure of accrediting Whipperely Nursery in January. We would like to thank them for their continued hard work over the past year, particularly around menus and physical activity. They have a sincere passion to improve the lives of children in their community.

We were very pleased to be invited to a parental engagement event at St Paul’s nursery. It was lovely to see children taken part in snack preparation and being educated on why fruit and vegetables are good for them.

Programme plus interventions were launched in Chaul End Nursery and St Pauls Nursery during the winter months.  We look forward to finding out the success of these programmes.


The family food first team have this month welcomed our new dietetic assistant practitioner Michelle Leon to the team.

We have been involved in lots of activities this month, including supporting St Paul’s Harvest Festival, running nutrition education sessions at Jigsaw, Pastures Way and Downside, as well as starting solids training sessions at Butterflies, Redgrave and Stopsley.

Harvest Festival  Jigsaw nutrition training  Pastures Way


We have also uploaded our Autumn recipe ideas to the website and are piloting our Programme + (Active Beans 6 week intervention) with all the children’s centres in the west!

 Active Beans  Autumn recipe ideas


Thank you to all the centres for their engagement and enthusiasm!


It has been a busy month for the Family Food First Team, as I expect it has been for all the early-years setting on our programme.
We enjoyed an interactive training session on nutrition at Lewsey Nursery and a fun-filled session on physical activity at Dallow Children’s Centre. Thank you to all the staff that participated and make our work worthwhile.



St Paul’s Pre-School achieved their Family Food First accreditation during the hottest spell of the year in June. We would like to thank them for their continued hard work towards accreditation, especially around their celebrations policy. Here’s a picture with everyone looking a little warm!


Picnic In the Park 2017

We had the pleasure of attending Picnic In the Park 2017 during May to spread the message of healthy packed lunches with a focus on healthy teeth in the sunshine. Thank you to everybody who came along to visit our stall, we had a great time meeting you all! Our fruit kebabs were enjoyed by all age groups!

We would like to congratulate Chaul End Children’s Nursery on their Family Food First accreditation! We look forward to continuing your good work improving health outcomes for children and families attending the Nursery.


Also thank you to Chapel Street Nursery and all the staff who attended the Physical Activity for the Under 5’s training during May. The levels of enthusiasm and competitiveness were greatly appreciated! We hope you enjoyed it just as much as we did. Unfortunately we were having such a good time we forgot to take any pictures.


April 2017

Spring Feast at Pastures Way Nursery

During April we hosted our Spring Feast at Pastures Way Nursery. Thanks to everybody who attended. We found it very useful to receive some good quality feedback on how the programme is running as well as discuss our plans for the future. You can find all the recipes on the Spring Feast Recipes link.

We would also like to thank Denbigh Pre-School who invited us in to provide the updated Nutrition for the Under 5’s and Physical Activity for the Under 5’s training packages.


March 2017

Accreditation to Greenside Community Nursery

Congratulations to Greenside Community Nursery on receiving your Family Food First Accreditation during March. Thank you for your continued hard work and commitment to the Family Food First programme.


February 2017

Maidenhall Pre-School training for under 5’s nurtrition and Physical Activity

A big thank you to everybody who attended the Nutrition for the Under 5’s and Physical Activity for the Under 5’s training at Maidenhall Pre-School during February.


January 2017

AHP’s Into Action

Emma and Lisa attended the launch of the ‘AHP’s Into Action’ on behalf of the Family Food First team. We are very proud to be one of 53 good practice examples for Allied Health Professionals in England.’ For more information on AHP’s Into Action click here.

AHP's Active Emma and Lisa








Advancing Healthcare Award

FFF-winnerIn April 2015 the Family Food First programme was awarded the ‘Advancing Healthcare Award’ Sponsored by Public Health England for ‘Contributions to Public Health’. The award recognises allied health professionals or health care scientists who have demonstrated leadership and partnership working to deliver effective health care improvement interventions at scale or with the potential to be used at scale.

The Family Food First programme was selected as it is a ‘whole system change which hits key public health priorities. The plan is incredibly clear and can be implemented’.

The team were delighted to accept the award and would like to thank all of the key partners, nursery’s, pre-schools and children’s centres that had contributed to the development of this programme over the last 12 months.