Wheelchair Services

The Wheelchair Service provides the framework to clinically assess and then provide appropriate wheelchairs with associated equipment to patients with a long-term need, (long term defined as six months plus) who require a wheelchair for all their mobility both indoors and outdoors and who may also have postural and pressure care issues.

Once provision is established, the Wheelchair Service will support the equipment provided and will offer reassessment as required.

The service works with children over 36 months and adults who have a long term condition.

The service undertakes individual assessments to identify mobility needs and supply the appropriate equipment. Assessments are completed in our clinic.

In addition the service:

  • Provides bespoke adaptations to wheelchairs either ‘in–house’ or through a rehabilitation engineer
  • Utilises specialist technicians to assist therapists, check stock in and out, and respond to urgent domiciliary specialist seating

For occasional users or those who need a manual wheelchair for outdoor mobility (please contact OneCall 0845 6024064 or LICRS 01582 709067

Where service is based

Steppingley Hospital
MK45 1AB

We are also able to offer clinic appointments at the at Redgrave Gardens Luton for children, Disability Resource Centre, Dunstable for clients with a Luton GP and at the Child Development Centre, Kempston for Bedfordshire Children.

Hours of operation

Monday – Friday 08.00 – 17.00

How to contact service

Tel: 01525 631349 (open 09.00 – 16.30)
Email:  epunft.wheelchairs.admin@nhs.net

How to access the service

Access to the service for new clients not known to the service is via a qualified health care professional referral.  the following:

  • GP
  • Healthcare professional (hospital)
  • Physiotherapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Education Staff
  • Social Services

Patients known to the service can make contact directly for re-assessment.

We do not accept new referrals from non- qualified health professionals, education, support agencies or social work teams.

Self-referrals to this service are not accepted