School Nursing Service

5-19 School Nursing in Bedfordshire

The  5-19 School Nursing Service works in partnership with children, young  people and their families in Bedfordshire to ensure that children’s health and wellbeing needs are supported within their school and their community. They lead on the delivery of the 5-19 Healthy Child Programme and play a key role in addressing public health issues such as emotional health and wellbeing, sexual health, obesity, asthma and other health related issues.

The School Nursing team offer health screening to all children in reception and Year 6, giving parents/carers the opportunity to highlight health concerns.  We welcome parents/carers contacting us with concerns about their child’s health at any time.

The School Nursing team also work closely with Education, Social Care and other health professionals, to help children and young people to remain healthy and support them to achieve their potential.

Arrange to see the School Nursing Team

Students in year 7 and upwards, can self-refer to the School Nursing team through attending school nursing drop ins, which are run on a weekly basis in maintained schools in Bedford Borough and Central Bedfordshire.

Young people can access support on a variety of health related topics. These can range from issues about puberty, relationships, bullying and any other health related query. The nurse’s role is one of early help and intervention and if required, can refer onto other relevant services.

Parent/carers can refer their child by phone, 01525 631100


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Contact us

You can contact us by email, or by telephone where you will be redirected to the relevant team, 01525 631100.