Speech & Language Therapy

The speech and language therapy service provides a high quality, professional service to people with learning disabilities who may also have communication and/or a difficulty with eating or drinking. This is provided in a variety of ways:

  • Assessment
  • Differential diagnosis
  • Treatment where appropriate
  • Advice
  • Training and education for all staff involved with the client group

The speech and language service recognises the importance of good functional communication and eating and drinking skills in the pursuit of independence within everyday life.

At all times, a person-centred approach is adopted, respecting the person’s needs and opinions and promoting their active participation in all aspects of their life.

Speech and language therapists work closely with the local community support teams, and engage in successful working relationships with our partner organisations.

Where service is based

Speech & Language Therapy Department
(Communications Team)
4th Floor, Civic Centre
Victoria Avenue
 Speech & Language Therapy Department
(In-Patient Team)
4 Heath Close
CM12 9NW
Speech & Language Therapy Department
(Dysphagia Team)
Pride House
Christy Close
SS15 6EA

How to contact service

Speech & Language Therapy Department (Communications Team)
Tel: 01702 534242

Speech & Language Therapy Department (In-Patient Team)
Tel: 01277 637235

Speech & Language Therapy Department (Dysphagia Team)
Tel: 01268 739150