Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service Learning Disability Service

The Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service Learning Disability Service is a community based team of health professionals with experience and training in helping children with a learning disability and their families. The team includes Psychologist, Clinical Nurse Specialist and Assistant Psychologist.  There is also input from a Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist.

The team work with children and their families who:

  • Have a severe/profound learning disability
  • Have a mental health need
  • Are in special education

This includes children living in foster care, adoptive families and in residential settings. Work also includes helping families with issues such as aggressive behaviour, sleep problems, self injury and eating problems. They also assess and offer treatments for other mental health problems such as anxiety, depression, ADHD, and psychosis.

The team’s purpose is to engage with the child or young person, their families and carers throughout the assessment process to enhance their understanding of their behaviour and other symptoms. Appropriate interventions and treatments are then identified, along with support through the intervention phase. The team work with everyone within the child’s network to improve communication, best practice and consistency.

Professionals in Social Care, Health and Education who have regular contact with the child can make a request for involvement. This might be based on needs identified at home and/or school.  Families can contact the team if they wish to discuss a referral.

Where Service is based

Great Oaks Clinic
Town Centre
SS14 1EH
Children’s Learning Disability Service
1st Floor Holmer Court
Essex Street

How to Contact Service

Great Oaks Clinic
Tel: 01268 247123

Children’s Learning Disability Service
01206 334026