Adult ADHD Assessment Service

The aims and objectives of the service are:

  • diagnosis and management of ADHD in adults
  • service for young people in transition (from Community paediatrics AMHS services) who require on-going monitoring/management of ADHD and do not have any complex MH problems
  • assessment by a psychiatrist or mental health professional with specialist training and knowledge of ADHD.
  • prescribe pharmacological treatment and advice for ADHD in line with NICE guidance
  • manage the shared care of people diagnosed with ADHD with General Practitioners, in line with local protocols (including pharmacological treatment)
  • provide self-help information around non-pharmacological interventions to address psychological, lifestyle, behavioural and educational or occupational needs
  • liaise with social and occupational services where appropriate
  • offer training in and help raise awareness of Adult ADHD

Staff within the service include psychologists, psychiatrists, nurses and pharmacists.

Where Service is based

North East and West Essex

Hours of Operation

Monday to Friday 09:00 to 17:00

How to Contact Service

Tel:  01279 973845
Please allow two working days for replies.

How to refer into the service & who can refer

We ask that referrals are completed by GPs with the service specific referral form and two screening tools (Weiss and Wender available on Ardens, SystmOne and via email).

West CCG Surgeries – Please send your referrals to your SPA team: (0300 123 5433)

North East CCG Surgeries – Please send your referrals to your PCN team:

We will accept direct referrals from PCN and SPA teams.

We will accept direct referrals from CAMH and Community Paediatric services where individuals are transitioning to adult services.

Where an individual has recently been or is under the care of secondary care or community mental health teams, please see our exclusion criteria below.

Referral Criteria

The service is provided to all adults aged 18* years and above who meet the following criteria:

  • Have ADHD/ADD or are suspected to have ADHD/ADD
  • Require monitoring by a doctor or other specific clinician until they are stabilised and can be transferred back to primary care or the person is managed under a shared care agreement
  • Require psychological/psycho-social support
  • Meet eligibility criteria under fair access to care
  • Adults who are registered with a North East Essex or West Essex GP Practice
  • Adults who are resident in North East Essex or West Essex and who are not registered with a member practice of any Clinical Commissioning Group such as homeless people, travelling community and refugees.

Additional Information to support referral criteria

*For people who are transitioning from CAMHS services, referral should be made well in advance of the person’s 18th birthday, so that review can be arranged shortly after as appropriate.

Referrers must complete the screening tools (WEISS ADHD Rating Scale and Wender Utah Rating Scale) with their service user and include these with the referral form.

Service users will then be screened by the ADHD service and asked to complete an additional information form.

Exclusions from Service

  • People under 18 years of age.
  • Impairment not identified to be significant or only reported in only one area of functioning / life (in line with NICE guidelines).
  • People who are not registered to a GP within the North East Essex or West Essex boundary (except for those who reside within the boundary and are not registered to any GP such as homeless people, travelling community and refugees) – Service users will be encouraged to register with a GP practice to ensure ongoing care.
  • We are unable to accept referrals for individuals under the care of secondary mental health services for a co-morbid psychiatric disorder. In these instances, diagnosis and management of ADHD should be managed by a mental health specialist trained in the diagnosis and treatment of ADHD within the secondary care service.

Where clinicians are in doubt about the diagnosis and/or management of the ADHD, on an exceptional basis, we may consider a referral for consultation and advice. Please contact us to discuss these cases prior to sending your referral.

What Response Times to expect

We aim to respond to emails within two working day.
We aim to see/speak to service users within 28 days of the referral being made.

EPUT Management responsible for service

Team Leader,

Clinical Service Manager, Sharon Allison

Director, Elizabeth Wells