Dementia and Memory Assessment Services

We have dedicated Dementia and Memory Clinic services teams based in Essex.

You have been referred to on of our Dementia Service as you may be experiencing mental health problems such as a memory or some other mental health problem. The team will give you a detailed assessment of your memory and mental health and help to manage at home and when out and about

When you attend the Memory Clinic we will try to give you an answer to the questions you have about your memory changes.
If a problem is identified then we will advise you and your family doctor how best to address the problem.
In many cases the Memory Service team will offer you the treatment or intervention that may be required to help with your memory changes.

Where service is delivered

Further information and advice about the Memory Assessment Services, wherever you live in South Essex, please give our team a ring on 01268 739116.

Mid Essex Specialist Dementia Frailty Service
The Crystal Centre
Pudding Wood Drive
Harlow Specialist Dementia Service
Latton Bush Centre
Southern Way
CM18 7BL
Uttlesford Specialist Dementia Frailty Service
Western House
Chapel Hill
CM24 8AG
The King’s Wood Centre Specialist Dementia Frailty Service
Turner Road
Epping Specialist Dementia Frailty Service
15 Regent Road
CM16 5DL