Memory Assessment Service

What are the benefits in attending?

When you attend the Memory Clinic we will try to give you an answer to the questions you have about your memory changes. If a problem is identified then we will advise you and your family doctor how best to address the problem. In many cases the Memory Service team will offer you the treatment or intervention that may be required to help with your memory changes.

We will only carry out our tests if you wish us to. Those who choose to attend do so because they are concerned about a change in the way that their memory works and worried that this may be serious.

We strongly advise anyone concerned about their Memory to contact their GP first as there are many causes of poor memory that are the result of a physical health condition and the Doctor can rule these out before our assessment begins.

How to contact the service

Further information and advice wherever you live in South Essex, please give our team a ring on 01268 739116.