Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit

PICU stands for Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit. Services are provided for people of working age who require intensive care during a period of mental health crisis.

Intensive Care Wards provide intensive care management where this is necessary for the patient’s own safety or that of other people.

The care is provided for people who are acutely disturbed and detained under the Mental Health Act 1983. Admissions are for as short a period of time as is appropriate to the patient’s condition.

The wards work closely with the acute admission wards, forensic services and the Community Mental Health Teams.
The Hadleigh Unit at Basildon Mental Health Unit is an intensive care ward for clients from the Southend, Rochford, Castle Point, Thurrock and Basildon districts.

Christopher Unit, a purpose built Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit with seven beds and one Section 136 suite, a Place of Safety.

People are referred for admission to an intensive care ward by a Consultant Psychiatrist, Approved Mental Health Practitioner, the Courts or Prison Service.

Where service is based

Hadleigh Unit
Basildon Mental Health Unit
Essex SS16 5NL
Christopher Unit
The Linden Centre
Broomfield Hospital


Please note that due to COVID-19 restrictions, visits to the Hadleigh Unit have been temporarily suspended.

How to Contact Service

Hadleigh Unit

Tel: 01268 243569

Christopher Unit
Tel: 01245 315600