Psychotherapy services in South East Essex

Psychotherapy Services in South Essex are located at the Basildon Resource Centre, Basildon Mental Health Unit in Basildon and the Taylor Centre, Warrior House, in Southend, with outreach services provided at other trust Community Mental Health Team bases.

The service includes Art Psychotherapy, Family Therapy and the specialist Complex Needs Personality Disorder Service.

What is Psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy is a talking treatment that can help people suffering from a wide range of psychological and emotional problems.

People in psychotherapy talk about feelings, thoughts, memories or dreams; whatever seems to be foremost in the person’s mind. Difficult experiences throughout life, and especially during childhood, can have lasting effects on how we think and feel and the way we relate to other people.

Some of these links may be easy to understand, but there may be others that we are less aware of. We can find ourselves feeling and behaving in ways which we may not like and or understand but seem unable to change. Psychotherapists offer a reliable and professional relationship, where old patterns may be repeated, but can be thought about and understood in ways that free people to change

What is Art Psychotherapy?

Is helpful for people who may have difficulty communicating directly about their difficulties with words but helps people use art materials to gain insight and understanding of their difficulties alongside talking to the therapist.

What is Family and Marital Therapy?

People’s problems are often not theirs alone but occur in the context of a relationship such as a marriage, a partnership or a family. By focusing on the relationships involved and by involving all the people concerned family and marital therapy seek to help those relationships work better. Family and Marital therapy can be offered on its own or as a part of a co-ordinated plan involving other health professionals.

What is the Complex Needs Personality Disorder Service?

The complex needs service was set up because the psychotherapy service recognised that some people with personality difficulties had specialised needs for Psychotherapy or Art Psychotherapy and the service seeks to provide these following a specialised consultation within a care plan that also involves care management with the Consultant Psychotherapist and psychosocial nursing support.

Psychotherapeutic Consultation and Types of Psychotherapy?

The consultation may extend over a number of appointments and will not be primarily a question and answer session, but an opportunity to start to think more deeply about the problems that are worrying you. The discussion will help you decide together whether further therapy is right for you at this point in your life.

For some people the consultation process will provide them with the time and space to move on in their lives but if you and your psychotherapist both agree that a more intensive type of psychotherapy will be helpful your psychotherapist will continue to meet with you until you move on into your agreed type of psychotherapy.

Psychotherapy and Art Psychotherapy is provided both individually and in groups. Individual psychotherapy takes place weekly and the length of treatment will be agreed between you and your therapist. The department offers between three months and a year.

Group therapy also takes place weekly, but the sessions last longer. Most Groups involve men and women and may last between three months and two years.

Family Therapy usually takes place in monthly family meetings over a number of agreed meetings.

The Complex needs service provides an Open Studio Art Psychotherapy Group or an intensive twice weekly Group Psychotherapy.

Where service is based

Psychotherapy Services in South Essex are located at the Community Resource Centre, Mental Health Unit, Basildon Hospital and the Taylor Centre, Queensway House, in Southend, with outreach services provided at other trust Community Mental Health Team bases.

How to refer into the service

Can be referred the First Response Team, Psychiatrist, or a Mental Health Professional.

How to contact service

The Taylor Centre, Southend: 01702 440665

Psychotherapy, Basildon Resource Centre: 01268 246862

Art Psychotherapy & Psychotherapy Service, Basildon Resource Centre: 01268 246864

Family therapist, Basildon Resource Centre: 01268 246863

How to access service

Please ask for a referral from one of the following:

  • Clinical Assessment Service
  • Psychiatrist
  • Mental Health Professional