Immunisation and Vaccination Services

The Essex School Age and Community Immunisation Services provides the Childhood Vaccination Programme to all children and Young people who are:

  • Attending school within Essex , Southend-on-Sea and Thurrock
  • And/or are registered with a General Practice Essex , Southend and Thurrock
  • And/or are resident in Essex, Southend and Thurrock

The school based programmes currently being delivered in the School Year from September 2016 to July 2017 are as follows:

  • Childhood Nasal Flu Programme – offered to all Reception to Year 6 pupils and to pupils in Special Educational Needs Senior Schools (Autumn term only)
  • HPV Programme protection against cervical cancer – offered to all Year 8 girls first dose and Year 9 girls second dose
  • School leaver Booster – is that last of dose of Polio, Diphtheria and Tetanus offered to all Year 9 pupils and completes this programme which started when babies are 2 months of age
  • Meningitis ACWY – is offered to all year 9 pupils. In addition, there is an extended programme offering vaccination of all Year 12 & 13 pupils with catch up being offered to young people who births fall between 1st September 2000 – 31st August 2002

There are monthly community clinics available for children or young people who have missed any of the school based sessions. Children who would prefer to receive their immunisation in this setting are also very welcome. Details of the community clinic dates, times and venues can be obtained by calling your local Immunisation Team office.

BCG Immunisations

BCG immunisation clinics are delivered in community settings following referral from health professional only such as Practice Nurse, Health Visitor or school nurse. The majority of BCGs offered are to babies under one who have transferred into the area and after they have been assessed for eligibility.

Specialist Immunisations

A telephone service is available for all health professionals wishing to make further queries regarding Childhood Immunisations with specialist requirements who undertake Childhood vaccinations. This does not include travel vaccinations.

Where are the services based?

The majority of services are delivered in schools and community clinics. There are five Immunisation Teams across Essex and they have seven administrative bases.

North East Essex Immunisation Team

656, The Crescent,
Colchester Business Park
Colchester, CO4 9YQ
Tel: 01206 224909

Mid Essex Immunisation Team

Witham Health Centre
Mayland Road
Witham, CM8 2UX
Tel: 01376 302769/762

West Essex Immunisation Team 

The Epping Forest Unit                                                Dunmow Clinic
St Margaret’s Hospital                                                 58 New Street
The Plain, Epping                                                         Dunmow
CM16 6TN                                                                    CM6 1BH
Tel: 01279 827141                                                       Tel: 01371 877417
E-mail:               E-mail:

South West Essex Immunisation Team

The Ashingdon Unit
Thurrock Community Hospital
Long Lane, Grays
RM16  2PX
Tel: 07943533460

South East Immunisation Team

Valkyrie Primary Care Centre                                        Rayleigh Clinic
Valkyrie Road                                                                Eastwood Road
Westcliff on Sea                                                            Rayleigh
SS0 8BU                                                                       SS6 7JP
Tel: 01702 220181                                                        Tel: 01268 366606
E-mail:                   E-mail:

Hours of Operation

The main office hours are 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday

Community Clinics are run during the evenings and Saturdays

How to contact the Service:

Please refer to contact details above.

Health professional queries relating to Specialist Immunisations and BCGs should be directed to:

Tel: 01268 366605


How to access the Service

The service will contact parents of children and young people who are in the eligible ages for each of the vaccinations. Information such as vaccination letters, dates of immunisation sessions and consent forms is communicated to parents via schools and colleges. Parents are asked to return signed consent forms to their school were they will be collected by the Immunisation teams. Parents are welcome to call the Immunisation team office for any additional queries about the vaccinations. If there is a change to your child’s health after you have submitted a signed consent form please contact the Immunisation Team office directly for advice.

Referrals can be made for children from reception age – 19 years from:

  • GPs and Practice Nurses
  • Other Health Professionals such as Health Visiting and School Nursing teams
  • Parents and Young people (dependent on the vaccination programme)
  • Education Staff and schools
  • Acute Hospitals and adolescent In-patient units
  • Local Authority services such as Social Care teams, Educational Welfare, Behavioural support services
  • Midwifery Services