Family Nurse Partnership

A voluntary programme offered to young mothers aged 19 years and under having their first baby; it begins in early pregnancy and is orientated to the future health and well-being of the child. The programme consists of frequent structured home visits until the child is two years old. The family nurses in the team are drawn mainly from health visiting and midwifery and children’s and mental health nursing and have a wide variety of additional skills and experience. They receive additional training to equip them for the new role.

The aim of the Family Nurse Partnership is to:

  • Improve antenatal health
  • Improve child health and development
  • Improve economic self-sufficiency

Each home visit covers the six domains of personal health, environmental health, life course development, maternal role, family and friends and health and human services. The family nurses use programme guidelines, materials and practical activities, to work with the mother as well as the father and wider family, on understanding their baby, making changes to their behaviour, developing emotionally and building positive relationships. The in-depth relationship the family nurses develop with their clients and their therapeutic communication skills enable them to connect with the motivations and ‘hearts desires’ that all first time parents have. In this way, they can guide their clients safely through what is often a difficult life transition to becoming the parent they want to be for their new baby.

Where service is based

Family Nurse Partnership is a home based visiting programme. However, Family Nurses are able to offer parents a choice of location where this is most appropriate e.g. GP surgeries, children’s centres.

Hours of operation

Hours of operation fit around the needs of mothers and fathers where possible but in the main are:

09.00 – 17.00, Monday to Friday.

How to contact service

Tel: 01206 224900

How to access the service

Any of our partner agencies can refer.

Self-referrals to this service are not accepted