Heart Failure Service

The Community Heart Failure Service provides support for people diagnosed with Heart Failure.

The aim of the service is to help people diagnosed with Heart Failure to:

  • Understand their condition
  • Understand and recognise the symptoms of heart failure
  • Monitor their symptoms and help them manage changes in their condition
  • Optimize medication used to treat heart failure
  • Help them make choices regarding their care and provide support when treatment becomes palliative

Where service is based

Patient’s home environment.
Clinics within Epping Forest, Harlow and Uttlesford.

Hours of operation

09:00 – 17:00 Monday to Friday

How to contact service

Epping locality
Fiona Mahandru: 07764 302259 / 01992 561666 ext 5554

Harlow and South Uttlesford locality
Liz Skidmore: 07768 504749 / 01279 621925

Harlow and North Uttlesford Locality
Selva Ganeson: 07768 488681 / 01279 621925

How to access the service

Please ask for a referral from a healthcare professional.